Community Groups

There are many other organisations working for the public benefit that are not structured as a registered charity or incorporated, such as a CIC.  These Voluntary and Community Groups tend to have characteristics such as a structure with strict rules about how the group is organised and run set out in a governing document or constitution.  They tend to be self-governing and independent to appoint their own management committee. In some areas, such as sport, they may be run under the sports own governing body guidance. They are not-for-profit, run by a voluntary management committee and may rely on the support of volunteers to carry out their activities.  The group will carry out activities which benefit a particular group of people in the community.   The group’s constitution will set out how the management committee should be accountable, and this includes maintain accounting records, operating financial controls and producing annual accounts which must be independently checked.

We provide services to assist you running your community group:

  • Advice on implementing appropriate financial controls
  • Advice on maintaining accounting records
  • Independent verification of your annual accounts
  • Advice on other structures open to you